Seeds of Change beacon of light

Light sculpture Seeds Of Change in Headquarters Ricoh Netherlands

Seeds of Change beacon of light 

Seeds Of Change consits of 200 ‘arms’ of steel, ending in an illuminated shape of mouth-blown glass. The 200 ‘seeds’ have been provided with RGB LEDs. The 200 arms are attached to an axis, forming a revolving double helix – a reference to the structure of DNA. Seeds of Change revolves at a calm pace, with the nearly 2000 lightsources gradually changing colour in various patterns. This way, the space is transformed and at the same time a beacon is light is created that is visible from a distance.

The choreography of changing colours follows two separate scenarios: one for during the day and one for the evenings and nights, passing through a large number of programmed scenes. The separate colours take turns in ‘performing a solo’, running from bottom to top. This choreography accentuates the spiral shape and the three-dimensional character of the work.

An encounter with the work offers the possibility of going with the flow as one watches the changing light patterns, surrendering to the ever-changing

Look at the location
Brabants Dagblad

Photograph Marc Bolsius