Publication Dlight - New Light on Personal Space

image New light on personal space of Publication Dlight

Artists in the Netherlands were challenged by the Digitial Workplace to explore the interface between art and Wearables – a combination of garments and technology. The exploration of the possibilities and impossibilities of technology in the design of a Wearable has led to the publication of 5 different works:

'Dlight-New light on personal space' from Dorette Sturm, 'Hysterical bubble' Anja Hertenberge, 'Apology Helmet' and 'Handshake Trainer' Meg Gran, 'AQAB' Danielle Roberts and 'Body Speaker' Karina van Heck. 

During the symposium of Wearables in Design Academy May 19th in Eindhoven, The publication will be presented. 

'Wearable 1' is available at C.B.K. Den Bosch

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