The art of connecting January 17 2016

light cord light artwork from Dorette Sturm


Imagine-the art of connecting is a project of Dorette Sturm for which young people together create a light sculpture, a string of beads. The performance takes place after sunset on the roof of Nemo in Amsterdam.

Imagine takes place on the last day of the Amsterdam Light Festival on January 17, 2016 in collaboration with You Tech thus celebrating its 5th anniversary. At 17.00 hours ignites on the roof of NEMO a huge string of beads. every bead is accompanied with wishes from the young people.

Each bead is an important part of the whole; they are connected with each other. "Imagine the roof of Nemo literally transforms into a place for contemplation. The light cord with an expected 600 members of You Tech -supplemented with spontaneous passers by- runs on an imaginary spot on the street and knows no borders.

Cover photo: Marja Sterck
Artist's impression: Marcel Janssen