Sketch plan Lightart Willem II Factory surprised jury

WII-Fabriek light concept Dorette Sturm

Enliveng a myth

The luminous Egg balancing on the eight-sided tower of the WillemII artfactory refers to the statue of the Dragon near the station which geographically is situated in the same area along the track. It enlivens the connection of the city with its past by reactivating the myth of the dragon.

The octagonal tower with its battlements -that extends above the Willem II- is ideal as a dragon's nest. Because of its high position the egg is safe and the sight lines are good. From higher buildings in the area, the rail and from the Verkade factory across the street the monumental egg can be spotted. It shows the ambition of the art cluster to be a visual eye-catcher of 's-Hertogenbosch (NL).

Jury report

The jury is very impressed with the quirky poetic vision of Sturm. The narrative myth of the dragon is a wonderful discovery, but there are above all the images which accompany the story that convince. The egg will soon be an icon in the city. A huge distinct vision with courage and the potential to put the WII Factory on the map in the city but also far beyond.