Designing Health - Designhouse Eindhoven 09-20-2013 through 01-05-2014

Breathing Cloud - Designing Health

To breathe is to live!

Breathing Cloud, breathes its light in the atrium of the Designhuis and brings the 10 meter high space -bridging three floors- to live. Behind every door opens up a world of health in relation to design, art and technology.

Designing Health

From Saturday 21 September through Sunday 5 January, The New Institute presents Designing Health, an exhibition on designing for health care, at the Designhuis in Eindhoven. Curated by Sabine Wildevuur, it shows how technology, innovation and design have influenced health care throughout history and what they are capable of contributing to it now and in the future. In Designing Health The New Institute highlights the important role designers play in helping to keep and make people well.

Designing Health showcases work by designers, artists and scientists spanning the era from the 15th century to the present and ranging from the pearl-and-lace-bedecked human specimens of the famous Dutch anatomist Frederik Ruysch (1638–1731) to the infant body modifications proposed by the artist-designer Agatha Haines in her recent Transfiguration project.

Workshops, talks and a natural pharmacy
In conjunction with the exhibition, the New Institute will host a range of workshops, talks and Design Debates, run an outdoor pharmacy during the Hallo Cultuur! festival, and hold a summer school for students.

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Photograph: Thomas Segers