Light art in church tower 12 September through 1 November 2009

Lightart object Origen in Church

The past mingles with the present

In the centre of the tower an inflatable shape floats within a steel construction. It is filled rhythmically with air and occupies space unperturbably. On waves of sound the surroundings are coloured blue. Past and present float along with the never-ending flow of light.

A beacon of light in the landscape of Schijndel

The place to build the tower of the Saint Servatius Church was carefully chosen as a powerful centre of the community. The Churchstreet on the West side was an important connection to the tower, the entrance to the church. With the enlargement of the market place the Churchstreet was lost, and the entrance was moved to the South side of the church. This means churchgoers can no longer traverse the tower, the ‘world’s axis’ connecting heaven and earth in a symbolical sense, to enter the church. During the exhibition this entrance will be reinstated. The tower becomes a beacon of light, a lively place in the landscape of Schijndel

The landscape of Schijndel illuminated and poeticized

Art manifestation on the occasion of Schijndel’s 700th anniversary. 15 visual artists and 8 poets will shed their light on the landscape of Schijndel.

The exhibition can be visited Tuesdays through Sundays from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.